Forest Villa

This is a new lodging facility under planning by a resort hotel located in Hiroshima prefecture. The facility will feature 11 blocks of 100m² standard rooms and 1 block of 200m² suite rooms on a sloped site of approximately 10,000m² enjoying views of islands in Seto Inland Sea. The region once served as a place for feudal lords, merchants, Korean envoys, Ryukyu missions, and Dutch traders to rest and recuperate during their long voyages.The lodgings, deliberately placed in a lush forest overlooking the ocean, provide hospitality to the caravans as they await favorable tides and winds.


The architecture features ship-hull roofs employing the shipbuilding technology of the Murakami navy that long dominated the region. Bath huts and detached guest rooms are connected by the elevated decks passing through the trees. The interiors are composed around the theme of the trunk boxes, in which caravans once packed their daily necessities. It is a resort where guests spend time viewing tree-filtered sunlight and glitters of the sea from the tranquil forest.

©Hiroshi Nakamura & NAP

Principal use
Resort Hotel
Site area
Building site
Kiyonori Takaoka, Takahito Haneda, Makoto Ochi