Unknown hill

This hotel accommodates one group per day while serving as a wedding hall on holidays and a photo studio on weekdays. The Kujukuri Coast presents a remarkable landscape of undulating grassy fields and knolls. To preserve this beautiful environment, we conceived of the idea of carefully carving a notch into the ground, gently lifting a corner of the green carpet, and utilizing the resulting gap as a space for architecture. The roof slab being continuous with the sloping ground, seismic forces exerted on the roof can be transferred to the ground, and hence, the space required few pillars. It will provide a panoramic view of the ocean and hills, further enhanced by the natural beauty of the wildflowers in the garden and the flowers and leaves cascading from the roof. It will have an expansive and magnanimous appearance, where lying down on the roof will feel like lying down on the earth itself. Our aim is for the borders between architecture and landscape to dissolve, giving rise to a fresh and innovative relationship between nature and architecture.

©Hiroshi Nakamura & NAP

Principal use
Reinforced Concrete
Site area
Total floor area
Building site
Structure design
Yasuhiro Otani, Keisuke Minato